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Kroger Community Rewards

Make money for Planned Pethood just by
shopping at Kroger and using your Kroger Card!

Join Kroger's Community Rewards program today!

Please enroll or re-enroll.
It costs you nothing, but makes money for Planned Pethood.

New participants can enroll at any time. All current participants must re-enroll for the program each year. Kroger will NOT send you a reminder that it is time to re-enroll. In order to earn funds for Planned Pethood you must re-enroll. This will ensure Planned Pethood will continue earning rewards during the following year.

  • Click on OHIO to sign up for your Kroger.com account.
    The Northwest Ohio region includes a few stores in the Southeast Michigan area.

  • Select Planned Pethood as your favorite non-profit.

  • Our unique number is 84655.

  • Send an invitation to your friends and family to invite them to do the same.

  • Swipe your Kroger card every time you shop...and shop at Kroger more often.

We encourage you to enroll anytime; however, early enrollment will help us grow our rewards immediately and get a bigger check every quarter. On average we earn about $800.00 per month by doing nothing but using our cards when we shop at Kroger.

Thank you!

Click here to enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards Program