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Toledo area animal shelters overcrowded this summer

The extreme heat can obviously be a big concern for pets, but summer also presents another problem - overcrowded shelters. The head of one local rescue group says they get hundreds of calls every week just about stray cats. The problem is there isn't enough room to take them all in, but there is a simple fix for the problem.

The animal emergency and critical care clinic is not a shelter, but the vets try to help find homes for animals brought to them when they can.

Dr. Kittsen McCumber says, "This kitten was found in a box with two other kittens that had already died. She was dehydrated, thin, sickly and had worms and she would have died if she hadn't been brought here for help, but there is no place for this kitty."

There are dozens of cats and dogs up for adoption at the Toledo Area Humane Society. The biggest problem is with cats. John Dinon with the Toledo Area Humane Society says, "We're getting 20-30 cats a day and we are not adopting that many out, so do the math. And we do have to euthanize for space and we are in contact with other rescue groups and everybody is full right now."

Planned Pethood is an animal rescue organization that helps find homes for dogs and cats. They get up to 200 calls a week about cats. "We're turning away people every day. We want people to come to us sooner rather than later for help so we can help them with some alternative solutions so they don't have their backs against a wall and have to get rid of the pet," says Nikki Morey of Planned Pethood.

Like other rescue groups, the Lucas County dog pound is always at or near capacity during the summer months, but there is a simple solution. Lucas County dog warden Julie Lyle says, "We need to spay and neuter our pets so they are not out running loose and being part of the problem."

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