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Toledoans rescue frostbitten cat suffering from AIDS

TOLEDO, OHIO -- A cat that had been left out in the cold was taken in by Planned Pethood Thursday. The organization says some Toledo citizens called them after finding the cat was left by homeowners after moving.

The car was outside with no shelter from the cold weather. Planned Pethood rushed the cat to St. Francis Animal Hospital where the cat lost its right ear due to frostbite.

Dr. Dillon, of the St. Francis Animal Hospital says the cat's other ear may be lost as well. An exam of the cat showed that it is Feline Leukemia positive and Feline AIDS positive as a result of being kept as an outdoor cat.

Planned Pethood is currently looking for a home that cat. They say cats with Feline AIDS can live for a very long time.

Veterinarians urge pet owners to protect their animals from the cold temperatures.