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Dogs - Available » Chrissy

Dogs - Available
Pet ID

Chrissy is a big, goofy bundle of energy that will come thump-thump-thumping over to you with her big Scooby-Doo paws and sit on your lap. She’ll look at you with her sweet, beautiful brown eyes and wonder why you're not playing with her already! Chrissy loves to give kisses and is the best cuddler EVER. She sleeps all night long, but she can be a bit of a bed hog. Chrissy loves people. She’s gets a little worked up with other pooches when she’s on a leash, but other than that, she loves everyone, including dogs. She has been working hard on improving her manners, but she still has a lot to learn. She is looking for someone to teach her some basic obedience and manners to help her become the best dog ever. She is a one year old Shepherd mix and she is all puppy! Sometimes she forgets to keep all four paws on the ground when greeting new friends, but she just has so much love to give! She listens well and is easily corrected. Chrissy is the Michael Jordan of dogs and has a vertical jump like no other, so a home with a six-foot fence is best. If you can give her a home with a yard of her very own to play fetch in and run free, it would be a dream come true for this active girl. Even with her athleticism, she is pretty clumsy, so she'd do best in a home with older children or adults. Chrissy is a happy-go-lucky girl looking for love, and the only thing she's missing is a loving family willing to give her that. Will you be the lucky one to make her dreams come true? If so, please fill out an application to meet or adopt her. She'll fill your life with so much love and happiness!

Special Notes:

Breed: Shepherd mix
Sex: Female
Estimated Birth Date: 01/19/2018
Weight: 47 pounds
Status: Available
Add Date: 07/19/2018
Last Updated: 03/10/2019
Adopt Date:
PPI#: 072618.1
Tag #: 4236
Foster Name: WT
Adoption Fee: $175

Likes Cats: Curious
Likes Dogs: Yes
House trained: Yes
Needs a pal: No
Likes kids under 5: Yes
Likes over 5: Yes
Kenneled: Yes
Walks on a leash Yes
Shares Toys With Humans: Yes
Shares Toys With Other Animals: Yes
Eats Nicely With Humans: Yes
Eats Nicely With Other Animals: Yes
Knows Basic Commands: Sit, shake
Fence Needed: Yes
Fence Jumper: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Energy Level (1-5): 4-5
Rides nicely in car: Yes

Note: Please understand the statements about this animal are based upon the foster home's evaluation of the animal. The animal might behave differently (negatively or positively) in your home. While the animal might be good with the current foster’s dogs, cats, children, etc., it may not be with your animal(s) or children. The animal may be housebroken or litter trained in the home of the foster but may relapse in your home. The animal is represented to the public as it performs in the foster home and any statements made regarding the animal are conditional to that foster home setting. Those interested in adopting should have read all information about the animal and understand they cannot claim they did not understand the facts about this animal as understood by Planned Pethood and/or the foster. Planned Pethood and vet(s) do our best to provide accurate age and breed of the animal, but sometimes they are educated guesses. Please understand that statements made regarding this animal are simply overviews and are not guaranteed. Your adoption fee is non-refundable for any reason.
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