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Are all animals for adoption spayed/neutered?

Reputable rescues will not risk contributing to the overpopulation problem by adopting out breedable dogs or cats. ALL of our animals are spayed/neutered before being adopted. In addition, we offer low-cost spay & neuter opportunities and subsidies to make it affordable, sometimes free, for EVERYONE to be able to get their companion animals spayed and neutered.

Is follow-up support available after adoption?

Reputable rescue groups will offer training assistance and support. Planned Pethood has experienced trainers to help you (free of charge) if you have questions or need training guidance.

Are animals up to date on medical care?

All of Planned Pethood's pets are up to date on age-appropriate shots and flea and heartworm prevention before being offered for adoption.

Do you rescue euthanize animals who have extravagant medical needs no matter the cost?

Planned Pethood's policy is to treat all medical ailments, regardless of cost, unless the treating vet feels there is nothing more that can be done. We do not refuse treatment to our animals based on cost of treatment or on the age of the animal. When we take in a dog or cat, we take that commitment seriously.

Where do the animals come from?

Planned Pethood makes it a priority to find homes for pets in our own backyard. Until there are no more unwanted pets in the Northwestern Ohio area, we will continue our policy of accepting only local animals. We focus our efforts on dogs and cats in NW Ohio. There are times when we are asked to help out another NW Ohio rescue group in saving dogs and cats. As a member of the NW Ohio rescue community, we will, when the need arises, accept dogs and cats from another NW Ohio rescue when asked.

Where does the money come from?

YOU! Please donate today!