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Surrendering Your Pet

We encourage you to do everything you can to keep your pet.  Shelters, rescues and pounds all have limited space, staff, volunteers and resources.  We can help you find a good trainer or a volunteer that can share some options with you.  

In order to provide the highest possible quality of life for animals at Planned Pethood, we keep most of our animals in foster homes. For this reason, we are unable to accommodate most requests involving aggressive animals and why we require the pet to be assessed by a volunteer of PPI to ascertain if the pet is suitable for a foster home.  Some animals with PPI have special needs, requiring a lot of space, trainer time, medical care and caregiver resources. We can only commit to new animals if we have the ability to provide for them financially or if we have a suitable foster home.  Not all foster homes are suitable for all pets.  

You will be asked to provide verification if your animal is up to date on vaccines and/or is healthy in mind and body.  In cases of dogs, we will require a SAFER assessment.  

We cannot make good decisions if we can take your pet or where we can place it without all the information on this form.  Failure to provide all information can jeopardize the speed in which we can help you.  

For faster, more accurate assistance we ask that you complete the form provided HERE.  When you have completed the form you can upload it at the end of this form.     

Submitting this information does not imply Planned Pethood will or can take your pet. Photos should be sent to Someone from PPI will contact you shortly if we have space for your pet.

Primary Owner

By completing this form, you acknowledge you are the rightful owner of the pet(s) listed.
Are you able to foster your pet(s) while looking for a new home for them?
First Pet

Is Pet One a dog or cat?
Second Pet

Is Pet Two a dog or cat?
Additional Information

Do we have your permission to contact your vet? Without your permission we cannot process your surrender form any further.
No file selected

For faster, more accurate  assistance we ask that you complete the form provided HERE.  When you have completed the form you can upload it below.  You can also email it to us at     

No file selected

By signing below, you are indicating you have answered every question truthfully and are aware that any false answers will be grounds for immediate rejection. You also give Planned Pethood, Inc. permission to contact your veterinarian, giving them permission to speak with us.

I,hereby surrender, the animal(s) listed above, to Planned Pethood, Inc. I certify that I am the owner of this/these pet(s), free and clear of all other interests. I certify that this animal is not possessed of any dangerous or vicious propensities, and that I have not willfully concealed information about the animal that might indicate such propensities. The information I have provided about this animal is true and complete. I understand and agree to the terms set forth by having answered the questions above to the affirmative. I hereby forever release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify PLANNED PETHOOD, its board of directors, its members, officers, and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the surrender or other disposition of the above named animal(s).

Submitting this form regarding the surrender of your pet(s) serves as your digital signature